Jammu, India


Jammu is an utterly glorious area to visit, and people who experience this once in a lifetime journey carry the memories with them forever. Known as the “City of Temples,” Jammu is a holy, blessed and peaceful city, gracing everyone under its glittering sky with an immense feeling of gratitude.

Shikhars, the gleaming top of the towers and temples in Jammu, dot the skyline with their graceful stature. Gazing around you, you’re sure to be reminded of the true beauty life has to offer. Jammu is home to a large amount of temples and shrines, and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India.

Representing the pilgrim era, Jammu is a fantastically cultured and spirited city. Founded in the 14
th century BC, Jammu has been standing strong and attracting visitors from all across the world.

You’ll be touched by the incredible atmosphere, landscapes and shrines. Continuing with the ancient theme, you’ll also find elaborate castles, forts and gardens. The richly designed castles and buildings stand beautifully against Jammu’s lush, green background.

The preservation of Jammu’s wildlife and thriving forests is highly important to the city. Jammu is home to the world renowned Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, established in an area of thick forests occupied by an amazing amount of wild life. This sanctuary has a plentiful of fauna, making the natural views even more astounding, while providing refuge for mammals such as boars, rhesus monkeys and leopards.

Jammu is sure to satisfy your hunger for travel, as it continues to provide historical culture in absolutely serene settings. Book a trip today!

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Jammu Facts

State: Jammu

Jammu Key Attractions: Vaishno Devi Temple, Manasar Lake and Mahamaya Temple

Jammu Airport: Satwari Airport

Jammu Railway Station: Jammu Tawi Railway Station

Jammu Weather: Summer - Apr to Jun (40C to 23C); Winter - Oct to Mar (26C to 4C)

Best Time to Visit Jammu: March to October

Jammu STD Code: 0191